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Wednesday 16th August.

Weather report: An outrageous sunset. 

Runners: 12 

Set off: 7:05pm 

Run pace & distance: 2 groups: group 1 set an average pace of 5:23 /km running a distance of 8.34 km. Group 2 averaged 6:21 /km pace over a distance of 6.78km.

What an evening for a run, we were greeted with 4 new runners this week. Once the boring paperwork was complete we set off from the cabin just gone 7pm, up the coastal path heading towards Porth. 

The first part of the run is always the hardest, running up the hill out of Watergate. Up the hill the 2 groups formed. Will led group 1 and Matt led group 2, making sure no one was left behind. 

We all made our way along the top of the path before dropping down into Porth. Group 1 waited just on the corner of the main road by the football golf, having a cheeky stretch off and chat. From here we all headed as one group onto Porth Island, after we completed one loop of the island Matt took group 2 back to Watergate Bay whilst Will took group 1 for another lap of the island before making their way back.

Group 2 maintained a great steady pace back up Porth hill, making no stops, we even managed to get back to the Cabin before group 1 joined us. 

We all had a lovely chat post run with some soft drinks, a couple of the guys even popped into the sea to cool off post run.

Overall a great evening out, we love meeting new people who have started their journey in the running world!

Here’s to next week.

If it’s your first week please get to the Cabin for 6:45pm to complete the boring forms.